• Image of a unique gift.
  • Image of a unique gift.

Personalised “One In A Million” Poster

We give people the opportunity to gift or become “1 in a million” with a unique, customisable, viewable, Downloadable Geo-Located Poster.

The Poster can be customised to achieve the desired result.

Secure your spot on the globe today limited to just 1 million.

The One In A Million Globe, Unique, Personalised, Gift.

Have you ever received a personalised creations and unique gift? Do you remember that warm, personal touch that you felt as you stripped away the wrapping paper? That pleasant feeling you had as you cast your eyes over your present, only to see that it had been personalised just for you.

Here at The One in a Million Globe, we know that feeling. We understand that nothing compares to the feeling of giving someone a gift that truly shows just how much you care for them. Therefore, we have put together a package that we feel is perfect for letting that special someone in your life know that you care about them.

This is not just another plain, generic, thoughtless gift. This gift is to show that they really are One in a Million. The package includes an awesome personalised HD poster linked to a geo location.

Or why not tell them why they are so special to you and write a heartfelt message to them.

This HD poster is available as a downloadable HD, PDF, so that you have the freedom to print it in whatever size you would like and the NFT can be held in your crypto wallet. This method will also allow you to send your gift to someone digitally, as a virtual present. Also included is a personalised, One in a Million, placement on our interactive, online globe.

Where you can publicly post your wall personalised poster and story for others to see.

What makes this feature extra special is that there will only ever be 1 million spaces, and

we have no doubt that these spaces will soon get filled.

So, don’t delay!

Place your order now and let that special someone know just how you feel about them and

grab your place on the globe.

  • Perfect for Celebrations, Weddings, Parties and more
  • Designed for all ages to enjoy
  • Personalised message included
  • Unique position on our interactive globe
  • PDF format that can be printed to any size

Personalised, unique gifts.

We aim to contain short tributes to one million amazing people by those who love them. This is A rare opportunity to tell your loved one how much they mean to you. When you gift your special person a place on the One in a Million globe, you’ll be demonstrating their literal one-in-a-million status to all the world. Your One in a Million nominee can also receive a stunning A3 print to commemorate their inclusion in this unique exclusive digital showcase project, that spans the world.


To create a medium to celebrate the special people and immortalizing them in our unique way.


To create an exceptional and affordable platform for people to show love and appreciation to those who have touched lives in special ways.

Our Story.

We started the ONE IN A MILLION GLOBE because we thought of a better way of appreciating the special and unique people in our lives and we couldn’t think of a better way than to place them in a GLOBE of fellow extra-ordinary people who have touched lives in one way or the other. Placing them in this GLOBE physically displays our appreciation for the innumerable impacts they have had in our lives.

We stand to redefine the giving culture by personalizing our appreciation in form of long-lasting, tangible gifts to a special set of people in our lives. Available in different sizes and designs, we have made it easy for you to express your gratitude in beautiful GLOBE portraits and seal a permanent place in the heart of your loved ones. 

Our dedication and obsession towards helping people to celebrate that ONE IN A MILLION person transcends mere act of gifting – it embodies gratitude in a grand style.

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